We at Metelkova

During our 2 months stay this May and June, as an “Artist in Residence”, at the Metelkova culture centre, in Ljubljana we are discovering a new environment and developing a new project: called “Bits’n Pieces”.


Katrin Kadelke

“Bits’n Pieces”

small pieces, parts, or quantity of something – portions of an object or of material

As an artist in residence, Katrin Kadelke, living and working in New Zealand, discovers Ljubljana. For two months the kids book illustrator will collect little objects within the city streets, corners, places and parks, merging these into her unique watercolour caricatures.

During this process of collecting, Ljubljana, as a foreign surrounding for the artist, will get more and more familiar. Like a collection of emotional fragments, experiences or moments turning foreign places into a place where you feel home. All these bits’n pieces will create an exhibition, transferring the idea of an emotional state.

The Metelkova culture centre is hosting Katrin Kadelke during her new project in Ljubljana.